7 07 2012

Alright everybody WAKE THE FUCK UP. People need to stop being, surprised, angered, or hurt that Jesus Shuttlesworth decided to part ways with the Celtics. He saved the Celtics 12 million dollars. Danny Ainge basically  said, “Hey Ray, here’s 12 million dollars if you want to sit on the bench for 2 years. Take it or leave it.” Thankfully he declined. Does anyone think he would have honestly contributed this year after the offseason they have had? Not to mention they are close to closing a deal on Jeff Green for 4 years 40 mil. Holy christ Celts aren’t fucking around right now… Last year, after the all star break, Ray participated in 16 of 35 games. At this time the Celtics went on an absolute fucking tear without him. I’m not going to keep digging too far into stats, but from my fuzzy memory he barely made an impact. Yeah sure he had his greatest three point shooting percentage of his career this year (the only fucking stat libs can throw at me) but that shit is misleading because he took about half the shots. Back in 07-08 Ray could have pulled up for a three on a fast break blind folded, and he would of wapped it 11 out of 10 times. Now a days I’ll give him a coin flip on a wide open three. They got KG back, Bass back, Avery Bradley was fitted with two brand new bionic shoulders, they signed Terry, and are close with Green. They are all set. His time is just up. Theres no reason he should of taken the contract he was offered by the Celtics. Everyone’s hating on him for a decision he made to better his personal life. So what if it was to the Heat. Everyone who started being a basketball fan in 07 thinks its a rivalry. It’s not!!! We all just hate Lebron. so lets all relax, bid him farewell, and  wish him good luck in all his future endeavors. The only person I feel bad for in all of this is Rays mom. What a saint.




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