I’m Back Betches

3 07 2012

First off I would like to apologize for how abruptly I left the blogging game. It was selfish of me and disrespectful to my fans, but boy does real life hit you hard. It’s a cold dark place and nothing can truly prepare you for it. Going from partying every night and playing baseball, to 40 hour work weeks with hour long commutes really takes its toll on you. I mean I was just a fuckin zombie for a few months. 5:30am wake ups, and in my  onesie tucked into bed by 8pm. I lost my pizzazz, and the burning desire to rant. Just didn’t have it in me anymore, and no fucking way I was gonna half ass it. You all deserve better. Lucky for you all, I moved closer to my job, I have some fucking energy, and deep down, I know I’m ready to entertain again. I missed a lot in the past few months so I’m going to recap reallllll quick…

Shout out to Wheaton baseball. I would of blogged my dick off  about you guys if I had the website still. Unreal run, so fun to watch. Proud to be a lyon for sure. Proving to the administration that you absolutely run that school, and that it is completely ok to binge drink in the boneyard day in, and day out, and still compete for a national championship.

now for a recap of boston sports….

The bruins just didn’t have the fight they had the year before. Straight up outplayed at what they do do best. Very happy to see the Kings win it. 8 seed just absolutely pillaging anyone in their way. Quick is a stud, and any Umass alum is A-OK in my book. Even watched him in a few games when he was at Umass. Who knew he would become a Conn Smythe winner? Speaking of goalies, holy fuck Timmy, you sir are a fucking idiot. Just an absolute menace jumping off the deepest, of deep ends. I never cared for him, and yah he was sooo good at times, and yes he had a great run in the playoffs, but just hated how he played. Good riddance. Its Tuukka time anyway. October 11th first game of the season, mark your calendars children.

Red Sox, ha ha jesus christ where to begin. I FUCKING LOVE this team. Absolute circus. Love the pick up of bobby V. Never a dull moment. Always says the wrong things. Fuels the Boston media with straight diesel. A manager in baseball is so fucking irrelevant, and I Love how he gets blamed for everything.  keep doing your thing Bobby V. Love the role players dominating. Love players firing back at the media, club house in absolute chaos. Like I said when they were like 2-15 back in april MORTAL LOCK they make noise in the playoff.

Celtics. DAMN. One hell of a run. No one thought they had a chance. Rondo is a Fuckin wizard and this season solidified it.  Easily my favorite player in the NBA. Hell, a few calls here and there, a few more made shots, no doubt woulda been NBA champs. The  Thunder were the sorriest bunch of super stars I’ve ever seen.  Still a bit of a sour subject so moving on to the draft.  Very skeptical my friends. Sorry, I know everyone loves the household names with Sulinger and fab but just not too sure about it. No chance Fab mello catches any of rondo’s passes. Dicks for fingers for sureeee. Second grade reading level at best.  hopefully I’m wrong, well see.  Also Locking up KG was definitely some great news. The guy is just an absolute animal and is so fun to watch. Who knows maybe they can win another title and he can really stamp his name in Celtics History, But THREE years?! He might be wobbling out for tip off with a cane by the end of year 2.           As for the Pats I love them, but I dont pay attention in the offseason anyone else wanna write about them?  I know that was quick as balls but like a said quick recap.  Thats all for now. Felt good. Felt damn good.




One response

3 07 2012
Frank the Tank

Well written with the exception of your use of the term ‘betches.’ I realize this was an attempt at comedy but you seriously need to work on eliminating that from your vocabulary.

PS. f*ck you for disrespecting tim-tom that way. He played a huge part in bringing some hardware home that hadn’t been around for quite some time. Though I sympathize with the frustrated, he did alright by me.

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